For YOU and Your PETS!
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Bach Flower REMEDIES/treatments have been known to banish anxiety and depression, improve memory, de-stress the mind and body - all of which can enhance your life journey and assist in your spiritual growth.

Balance your life with the help of Bach Flowers...
Bach flowers are gentle, effective, and completely free of harmful side effects. The remedies harnesses the hidden strengths of nature to rejuvenate your mental processes. It harmonizes your mind, body and soul.

Our pets have emotions too. They feel fear, anger, jealousy, and depression just as we do. Bach flowers can help our pets when they have negative emotions, just as they can when we are emotionally out of balance.

NOTE~ We've had to up our Prices ( due to my suppliers shipping rates, etc.) on some of my products and Unfortunately the Bach Flower Remedies are on that list :(
I upped the prices as little as I could as I really want you to reap the BENEFITS of these Remedies!
Good thing really only need  FEW DROPS at a time, so a 10ml will go a long way :)

Bach Flower Remedies-10ml's
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Dr. Bach divided his 38 Bach Flower Remedies into seven different personality groups; each group representing the differing ways a particular thought pattern or emotion could be seen and experienced in the personality.

The Seven Personality Groups are...

1.Fear Group-Fear is possibly the most common human emotion and affects most of us in some way or another. The five remedies in this group represent the different ways that fear can influence our behavior.

SO USE.....

  • Cherry Plum

  • Rock Rose

  • Red Chestnut

  • Aspen

  • Mimulus

2.Loneliness Group-The three very different remedies in this group describe the various ways that we can behave when we feel isolated and separate from those around us.

SO USE.....

  • Heather

  • Impatiens

  • Water Violet

3. Uncertainty Group-Those who face life with uncertainty have somehow lost contact with their own intuitive knowing about what is right for them. The six remedies in this group express the different ways that this state can be experienced.

SO USE....

  • Cerato

  • Gorse

  • Gentian

  • Hornbeam

  • Scleranthus

  • Wild Oat

4. Lack of Interest Group-Each of the seven remedies in this group is a description of the different ways in which those who are in some way reluctant to fully take part in life can behave.


  • Wild Rose

  • White Chestnut

  • Olive

  • Mustard

  • Honeysuckle

  • Clematis

  • Chestnut Bud

5. Despondency & Despair Group-The eight remedies in this group express the very different ways that we can behave when we have in some way lost our connection with the higher purpose of our lives.

SO USE....

  • Willow

  • Sweet Chestnut

  • Star Of Bethlehem

  • Pine

  • Oak

  • Larch

  • Elm

  • Crab Apple

6. Oversensitivity Group-The four remedies in this group express the different ways we can react to feelings of vulnerability and over sensitivity to the emotional and mental energies of others.


  • Agrimony

  • Centaury

  • Holly

  • Walnut

7. Overcare for Others Group-The five remedies in this group each express the very different ways in which we can behave when we feel overly responsible for the welfare of others or possibly the planet.


  • Vine

  • Vervain

  • Rock Water

  • Chicory

  • Beech